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UNDERBELLY COWGATE, DELHI BELLY - 3rd - 26th August 2018, 4pm

SOHO THEATRE - 18th October - 20th August 2018, 10pm

Produced by Berk's Nest

Character comedians Lola and Jo (**** (List)) are pretty certain they have a revolutionary show on their hands. To double check, they've wisely employed Leslie and Jackie from almost award-winning market research company Focus On (runner-up, Keep Talking Award 1997), to gather feedback on their potentially groundbreaking show. Research purposes only; no refreshments, travel reimbursements or life-affirming insights. Laughter not guaranteed.

''Female duos you need to see''  INDEPENDENT

''It’s bloody brilliant'' ★★★★ CHORTLE

''Accomplished, with swift, vivid imagery and characterisation that’s relatable"  ★★★★ FEST

A joyous hour full of weird, wonderful and tightly written characters” BRITISH COMEDY GUIDE - RECOMMENDED SHOW

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